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1. Label, label, label

Labelling makes identifying the items in a box, drawer or shelf much easier, especially if items are stored high or if you cannot see the contents of the box. Children should be able to put clothes and toys away easily if their shelves and toy containers are well labelled or have simple pictures to help them identify the contents.

2. Baby steps

Your home didn’t get disorganised in just a day and so it will take lots of baby steps to get it to a place of order and functioning well. The idea is to get started! Start with say just one drawer and work from there. Put a timer on for 15 minute sessions to keep you from getting overwhelmed. Try to do one small thing to get sorted every day.

3. Don’t just put things down, put them away

Every item you possess needs a home. Get into the habit of putting whatever is in your hand back in its rightful place once you have finished with it. That way you will keep your home from being cluttered. Make sure that every member of your family knows where items belong and how your organisation system works.

4. The one-in, one-out rule

If you buy a new magazine, give one or more away. The same rule applies for kid’s toys, clothing, books, electronic equipment etc.

5. End of day de-clutter

At the end of each day, sweep through your home with a basket, collecting everything that is not in its place and put it where it belongs. That way you will wake up to an organised home. The same applies to your home office.

6. Forming new habits and routines

Get into the habit of putting clothes out for the next morning, making lunches for the next day and even preparing the kitchen for the morning rush – all the night before. Teach your children these routines. Plan and take action tonight for tomorrow. Once you get into these habits, they honestly don’t take up so much time.

7. Plan your admin

The only way to stay on top of your admin and paperwork, is to plan to do it. Have a set time in your diary, preferably once a week, to keep filing and finances up to date.


In the process of decluttering and organising, there will be items that you no longer want. Listed are ideas for getting rid of your stuff.


  • The Salvation Army – 021 761 8530

    • They will collect from you

  • TEARS – 021 785 4482

    • Sunnyacres Shopping Centre, Sunnydale

    • Nieuport, RecreationRoad, Fish Hoek

    • Harry Goemans Centre, Main Road, Bergvliet

  • PUPP – 715 7525

    • 51 Main Road, Bergvliet
      Contact Keith on 021 396 5511 for collection

  • Chic Mamas

    • www.chicmamasdocare.org

    • Chic Mamas is a non-profit organisation that is concerned about the children of South Africa. They aim to have a positive impact on our environment by reducing, reusing, recycling. They organise a Charity Fashion sale very month, where they sell donated upmarket garments at bargain prices.



Eco Resources

Green Thing is a public service that inspires people to lead a greener life

“We expose the impact of over-consumption, frenzied accumulation of 'things' and of the damage we cause to the environment because of this way of living. It is our hope to be part of a movement that changes the relationship between business and the environment and between human and living systems so as to create a more just and sustainable world.”

The National Recycling Forum (NRF) is a non-profit organisation created to promote the recovery and recycling of recyclable materials in South Africa.


“The people who are most successful in managing their time, make appointments with themselves to complete tasks.”




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