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the process


  • We will visit the space that needs attention, for an intitial consultation, where together we will chat about what is not working for you, your needs, family dynamics, habits and lifestyle, and what steps can be taken to help you get organised.

  • If you decide that you would like our services, we’ll book a date to begin journeying together.

  • Our services can be customised to suit your budget and any area of your home that needs organising.

  • Each booked session is charged for separately. We’ll give you an estimate as to how many sessions you will require, in order to meet your organisational needs.

Declutter, Sort, Store

  • We’ll work alongside you to help facilitate a calm and ordered environment by sorting through individual items. We will work sensitively with you to help you decide whether you wish to keep a specific item or not.

  • Items are then organised in simple and appropriate ways that suit your needs.

Assess the root problems

  • As we declutter and sort we will help you identify the root problems that cause the clutter in your home, and help you tackle them.

  • Finally, we advise on future habits and routines to empower you to keep your home or office clutter-free – for life.

Support / Maintenance

  • We’ll stay in touch with you to find out whether the systems are working for you.

  • We also appreciate that there are some who would like and need continuing help. For this reason, we are happy to offer on-going support, be it once a month, once a term or whatever suits your needs and helps you keep organised. We can come into your home and keep your filing up to date, assist with paper management or see to general household management.

“It is not how much space there is, but rather how it is used. It is not how much information there is, but rather how effectively
 it is organised.”




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